A short note on sentencing

For the cost of sending just 2 young men to jail for 4 years for setting up a facebook group that didn’t cause a riot, you could employ 4 youth workers for 4 years working with up to 200 of the most alienated young people per year (800 young people in 4 yrs) or pay for a full time youth advice service in 8 large secondary schools (benefitting around 10,000 young people) for a year or you could employ 24 young people on £15,000 for a year at a time when youth unemployment has reached over 20%

^ stolen from elsewhere, and making a good point. When thinking about sentencing, part of sentencing should be about detterence, but part of it should be about considering what is the most beneficial thing to do for the community and individuals affected.

What is going to be more useful to prevent further riots? Jailing these 2 people for four years or one of the alternatives for spending the money that will cost? Would community service not have been a better sentence in this case, with the savings made being able to be invested in services that reach out to young people, help them with employment, education or training and seek to give them a viable future outside of gangs and criminality.


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